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Instron – A new partnership for Biomedical Solutions!

On the other site Instron will support and sponsor AD Modum R&D as one of top level testing labs.

Instron partners with the world’s largest biomedical companies to characterize biomaterials and devices relating to:

  • Highly regulated environments focused on static tension and torsion test up to 40°C temperature range
  • Very low forces to test smaller and custom-made devices
  • Simulating physiological conditions and clinical applications
  • Additive manufacturing and innovative biomaterials

Over the past decade, the medical device and biomaterials industries have undergone tremendous amounts of innovation and change. Materials and technologies have evolved to the point where stents weighing only a few grams can now be surgically implanted into a patient’s neurovascular system, and innovations to packaging are simplifying the drug-delivery process. Correspondingly, there have been substantial increases in regulatory involvement to ensure safety and efficacy in all products. These evolutions have translated into a growing requirement for the full evaluation of each device from concept to finished product. Physical testing have become commonplace among the research arms of medical device manufacturers around the world. As a total solution provider, Instron® designs and manufacturers both customized and standard systems for testing medical devices and biomaterials

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